Preparing your vehicle for a WOF inspection

So it is that time of the year and your vehicles warrant of fitness is due! You start dreading sitting in your vehicle in the queue at testing station for your car to get its inspection done. It could sometimes take a couple of hours since you arrive until you can get on with your live. In the back of you mind you are also a little worried, what if your car fails its warrant on some bulb not working or a damaged tyre, then you must go and get the item repaired and come back to wait again!


Vorsprung Automobil have put together a small checklist for you to prepare your vehicle and to hopefully avoid you going back for a recheck after some minor repair that caused a warrant failure. Don’t be worried you won’t have to crawl under your car or risk getting oil on your new All Birds shoes, it is just a couple of simple “pre checks”!


Let’s start by sitting in your vehicle behind the steering wheel. It will be best to have your engine running at idling speed to avoid draining the battery:


Lights and instruments

  • Ask another person to help you or park in front of a window and look at the reflection. Check your headlight’s dipped beams and high beams, park lights, fog lights (If fitted), indicators, stop lights (most cars will have 3) and reverse lights.
  • Check your horn, make sure it is loud and sounds like it always does.
  • Activate you front windscreen washers. Check that the spray pattern is consistent and spraying on the windscreen.
  • The wipers should be clearing the water away without leaving smudges or missing patches.
  • Check you dash panel or instrument cluster for any written warnings or warning lamps that are illuminated. If you have a red brake, an ABS or airbag warning the car will fail its inspection.

You can now switch off the engine after all the lights have been switched off.


Entrance and exits

  • Check that your bonnet and boot open and closes without any restrictions or having to apply excessive force.
  • While in the boot, ensure that it is clear and that the spare wheel is accessible.
  • Check that all your doors open from the outside and inside door handles. Do all the doors move freely and without horrible noises?
  • Ensure none of the glazing is damaged or restricting your view.
  • Ensure the windscreen does not have any large cracks or stone chips.


Outside the vehicle

  • Walk around the car and check if any of the headlights, taillights, fog lights and indicator light have excessive moisture inside or are cracked/damaged in any way.
  • Check your tyre sidewalls for any cuts or damage. Check your tread depths by looking at the tread depth indicators.
  • Check your tyre pressures at a fuel station. There will normally be a sticker with your vehicles recommended tyre pressures in the fuel flap. If one of the pressures are significantly lower than the others, it could mean a puncture with a slow leak.


Seats and seatbelts

  • Pull out all the seatbelts and inspect. There should not be any tears, rips or cuts. The seatbelts should also be clean and not moldy.
  • Before you arrive ensure that all the seatbelts and buckles are accessible for the inspection.
  • To save yourself and the vehicle inspector time, remove child seats and put the back seats in an upright position.


I hope this list will help you to check some basic items of the warrant inspection. It sounds like a few items to check but the check will take you less time than to have a failure on a small item and having to go back for a recheck.


If any of the checks did not pass your check or you need any assistance  , call Vorsprung Automobil on 09 394 4533 or visit our website at We are always happy to help or give any advice.